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Hello my name is Jim Guererro and I am a freelance writer.  I am a U.S. based writer on the West Coast where the sun shines most of the year.

I’ve been writing on the Net for a number of years for clients that needed e-books and articles for their business. My clients have been satisfied with my work and I have their client feedback as their appreciation.

Because of my trade I am available to write those articles that are needed by people like you. With my SEO expertise, I can provide that boost of traffic to a blog or website through natural organic keyword selection.

I understand your need for top quality articles and I can provide that for you.

As a SEO Content provider, I understand the apprehensions that people go through when looking for someone to write their content.  I know that writing samples in the beginning are all a person has to judge them by.

Take a look at my work samples below and if you like what you see then contact me with your needs. I am sure that we can come to an agreement where both of us will be happy.


Having Fun With A Yoshi Child’s Costume For A Halloween Costume

Every kid knows about the character Yoshi. That’s why more times than not they are so excited about having a Yoshi child’s costume for Halloween. But do you know the history behind the Yoshi costume?

He is one of the original characers in the game of Super Smash Brothers. So long ago, the Mario Yoshi character came out in the starring role of a game called Super Mario 64.

There were so many games that came out in that era, that the yoshi character probably got lost amongst us adults. But out of it all, the
character has withstood the test of time. The kids love this character probably because of its long tongue and the silly antics that it provides.

A Yoshi has a sticky tongue and uses it to swallow just about anything that it wants. It then uses what they swallow as weapons to thwart off the evil that may be in its way. This is one of the perfect Halloween costumes for kids. Hey I told you this character was something else didn’t I?

How Do You Know What Is The Best Student Loan For College?

Looking for money in the college years can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. A lot of people going to college need tuition money, book money, living money to make it through these lean years.

The effort of looking for the best student loan for college will pay off in the long run looking in the right places.

But where are they? One of the basic tenets in looking for financial aid is try to borrow as little money as possible. I know we’re looking for loans but make sure you budget out exactly what money you need with a small percentage fudge factor.   …


Executive Management Education

To attain the status of being in charge of a corporation requires an expertise level that is above the grade of most employees. To be in the management hierarchy requires becoming an executive who knows the companies policies and the direction it wants to go.

Knowing this type information requires an executive to surpass the knowledge base of most workers. This type education can be attained by either on the job training or through college education.

Executive education can be backed through any number of colleges that specialize in this category. Namely, business schools can concentrate on the task at hand to further individuals expand their knowledge through leadership courses…


How Do Solar Panels Work?

Technological advances in energy are happening each and every day. One of the most exciting and promising sources of energy is solar.

The source of solar energy comes from right within our universe. Solar energy is slated to become the next great barrier in providing abundant, lost cost energy to the millions of people that need it.

Knowing and understanding how solar panels work will go a long ways in promoting it for future endeavors. There is still a lot research needed to streamline the process, but the potential is there waiting.

An external light source is the main source provider for solar panels. This light source is the Sun. Scientists have developed an system of panels to capture the energy emitted from the Sun and to harness it into energy…


How Do Horses Help People?

Horses have been part of our culture for many, many years. Horses are the most versatile animals because of the many different ways they are used by humans. Just to mention some of the ways that horses have been used to our advantage is to use them for herding cattle, plowing agricultural lands, transportation needs and also therapeutic needs as you shall soon see.

Horses have a sixth sense that allows them to help people overcome disabilities. Whether the disability of a person is physical or psychological, the animals instincts can help a person change their attitude.

A horse can give unseen confidence to a person who doesn’t have any. A horse can calm the nerves of a person who is distrustful of everyone. The fact that horses can help people in this manner is no secret.

The equine community has known these facts for a long time and needs to be used in more cases…